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Q: What if my son/daughter gets a higher ACT score? Does that get updated on the video, website, or player profile sheet?

A: His/her new score will be updated on all three.


Q: My son/daughter changed travel teams. Can that be edited on the video, website, or player profile sheet?

A: His/her new team will be updated on all three.

Q: Does it cost anything to have my son/daughters video, webpage, or player profile sheet updated?

A: Not at all! Please feel free to email me at any time with updated ACT scores, new photos, new stats, etc.

Q: Does Jade Hewitt Media send the videos out to college coaches or recruiting services?

A: No. As a former college player, JHM believes that it’s the player’s responsibility to market themselves to college coaches.

Q: Do stats go on the video?

A: Statistics of the player go on their webpage, but not the video itself. Stats date a video because they are only relevant for the year they represent. Stats can be added and updated to the player’s webpage each year.

Q: What happens to the video and webpage if my son/daughter commits to a school?

A: The webpage will no longer be active, but their name and school of choice will be on the player video webpage. The YouTube link to the video will be set to Private, and viewable to only those with the link. This is to avoid future opponents watching the recruiting video to get an unfair advantage of the player’s skills.

Q: Can we shoot another video if my son/daughter is still young and will progress in the coming years?

A: Absolutely! Reshooting is not uncommon for eighth graders, freshman, and sophomores. The process and price remain the same.


Q: Are hard copy DVDs avaliable for purchase?

A: No. Due to discontinuation of software and the technology industry no longer producing computers with DVD drives, hard copy DVDs are no longer avaliable for purchase.


Q: Can you add a profile sheet of my son/daughter to her webpage on the website? Can coaches download their sheet?

A: Just email the profile as an attachment, and she can put it on you son/daughter’s webpage within the week. Yes! Coaches can download their profile sheet.



Q: How long will it take to receive the finished video YouTube link?

A: You will receive the video link to YouTube in three weeks maximum.


Q: Can you make a video highlight reel of game footage that has already been shot? Can that be added to his/her webpage?

A: Yes! The best form to have footage on is digital media (jump drive, flash card, DVDs, etc). The only requirement on your part is to write down the timecode (hour:minute:second) from the start of a play to the end of the play. The highlight reel will be uploaded to YouTube, and put on her webpage along with her skills video. Hard copies are also available for purchase.



Q: Why do players use a YouTube link for recruiting videos, and not mail out hard copies?

A: College recruiting has evolved a lot within the past 10 years. Players used to have to make dozens of copies of VHS tapes or DVDs to mail out to coaches. With the invention of YouTube, everything is done over the internet. Some benefits include:

-Easy self-promoting by players when sending an email to a coach.

-No cost for shipping out hard copies.

-Easy viewing by coaches (in the office, on the road, at the ballpark, on computers, cell phones or tablets, etc.)

-Easy sharing of the videos by college coaches. Coach A might not need a shortstop this year, but knows that his friend, Coach B, would really be interested.


Q: What kind of video camera and editing software do you use?

A: All college videos are shot with a Canon Vixia HF S10 camcorder. This model shoots in full High Definition. Editing is done with Final Cut Pro X on an Apple MacBook Pro.

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