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“Jade Hewitt Media has given me a tool to send to coaches to help them evaluate our team members for their respective programs. Our video shoot was so positive. Jade came to our field, scheduled our team members, and the end result was a professional product with no fluff.”

– Tommy Castanedo, OC Batbusters, Gulfport, MS


"I personally believe player videos are a must in the recruiting process. Our team shoot with Jade was a huge success on many levels. First off, having the entire team there to ease the nerves with each player made a difference, and the girls were able to help each other for offense and defense.  I firmly believe being present as a team, in uniform, promoted our players to work as they do in real game situations.”

– Jerry Rochelle, Mid-South Fusion


“I enjoyed making my recruiting video. Jade helped me say the right things and look professional to college coaches. The video was given back to me really fast, so I was able to start showcasing myself as soon as possible. I believe the video helps college coaches see what you can do in more detail, and it helps coaches to get to know you better as a player and as a person.”

Jackie Johnson, Class of 2013



“Jade’s Video Service can be quickly summed up as – an awesome value!  It’s clear once you see her approach that she knows what she’s doing and she’s very helpful to the player. She totally relaxed my daughter and coached her up during the verbal sessions, and she edits her work extremely well. She will give you the most she can from the footage captured during the session. I know several parents who obtained her video services and we all agree that it was one of the best things we could have done towards placing our daughters into a college program. My daughter starts her college career Spring 2014.”

– Rocky Brewer, Gulfport MS.



“My family would like to thank you for your service. It helped a great deal in my daughter’s recruiting process and college selection!”

– Glen Perilloux



"Jade provides an exceptional service to young athletes who are trying to take their games to the next level! As a young recruit, I remember making my video with Jade and sending it off to various college coaches! Jade displays professionalism in a fun and relaxing environment while ensuring young recruits get the information they need to compete at the next level."

– Meghan Collins, Class of 2009



"The process of making my recruiting video was much easier than I thought it would be. Jade was very professional, and knowledgeable of what college coaches are looking for, and put together a great video that showcased my skills. College coaches were immediately contacting me after receiving the video, and I credit much of that on the way the video was put together."

– Linzey Cifreo, Class of 2011



“My experience in making my softball recruiting video with Jade was very rewarding. When we got to the field, she made my performance very relaxing while she was filming. She also filmed more than enough plays and pitches so that if you accidentally messed up on one, she had enough video to exclude that particular part. The effectiveness of the video was great because if a college coach couldn't come watch me play, I was able to just send him the video. A recruiting video is a great source to have as you are trying to get recruited for college softball and I would recommend Jade Hewitt Media to everyone.”

– Blakeli Entremont, Class of 2013



“My college video was extremely effective. It caught the attention of college coaches and really helped me get my name out there.”

– Carly Donovan, Class of 2012



“Jade is a person I would recommend to anyone to use for their recruiting needs! Not only was she very personable and patient, she was able to make your performance look professional without losing your personality. She caught different angles for all positions to give coaches a complete look at your ability. I loved that Jade continued to check up on me throughout my recruiting process and how she makes each customer feel comfortable with their performance. She was prompt and didn't bat an eye at a request for extra copies, all so I could have the opportunity to play college ball! You certainly won't regret it!”

– Hayley Overbay, Class of 2013



“Jade did my daughter's softball recruiting video and did a wonderful job! She was very professional and the results were GREAT! We have been very pleased with her work and she was a pleasure to work with. She knew just the direction of what we needed for Taylor's future recruits. I would highly recommend Jade for any work that you might need!”

– Michelle Chandler, Petal, MS



“My daughters experience making her recruitment video was fantastic, and only topped by the results that came from it. Jade was extremely professional and result oriented with the piece, as well as easy to work with. My daughter quickly received numerous offers shortly after submitting her video to potential colleges. This was well worth the investment!”

– Jessica Pence, Mandeville LA

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